4 Fireplace Must Answer Questions

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You have questions about your fireplace, and we have answers! Many homeowners want a fireplace, but it’s often the least thought about part of a home, outside of the décor. How do ensure the fireplace doesn’t have a strong draft that sucks the warm out of your home? What do you do about the strong odors emanating from your fireplace? Why is the glass turning black and what should you do about it? Are there hidden malfunctions that could cause a serious fire a necessary 911 call? If you are about to build a home, add a fireplace, or need to improve the efficiency or décor of your fireplace, this is a must-read resource to ensure you get exactly what you need and want? Are you ready? Let’s dive in and answer the questions above and much more…   Should I Use Glass or a Wrought Iron Fireplace Door? Glass or wrought iron comes down to preference. The key is to make sure you have a properly tempered glass if that’s what you choose. Wrought iron fireplace doors are one of our favorites due to its strength, durability, ability to help distribute heat, and most important… we can custom make […] Read More

6 Reclaimed Wood Furniture Ideas

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Have you been thinking about how to create a unique look in your home or on the patio? It seems that there is no shortage of old wood laying around just waiting to be a part of a reclaimed wood project. In fact, a search on Craigslist in the Free section yields a lot of throwaway wood waiting to be used. Today, we want to inspire you with some ideas on how you can improve your home décor in the living room, a hallway, kitchen, around the fireplace or your outdoor experience around the fire pit.   Reclaimed Wood Shutters and Window Frames Have you ever thought about wood shutters or window frames as décor on a wall? A stroll through a flea market, antique store, or Craigslist can yield you a steal for your reclaimed wood decor. You can create scenes, decorate existing holes in the wall (i.e. open spaces to see from one room to another), or add to an existing glass frame. Your designs are only limited by your own creativity or the inspiration you can find on Pinterest. Here are a few examples to consider:     Reclaimed Wood Mantels Do you want a unique or […] Read More

5 Ultimate Kitchen Island Ideas from Top Interior Designers

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Have you been considering adding or remodeling a kitchen island? Perhaps you’re looking for ideas on how to use the kitchen island you have. If so, we want to introduce you to some top interior designers who have some interesting and helpful ideas you may want to consider when it comes to a kitchen island. Each designer offers her own unique perspective on kitchen islands. Some designs are more functional and practical, while others are more decorative. From large kitchens to small kitchens, a kitchen island can work for anyone. So, let’s jump right in and meet our top kitchen island interior designers.   Repurposing a Dresser as a Kitchen Island and Eleven Other Insightful Ideas Have you ever thought of repurposing furniture as a kitchen island? Melina Giles at The Family Handyman says;  “Where space is at a premium, a repurposed dresser makes an ideal kitchen island. And as there is virtually no construction involved, it is one of many ways to give your kitchen a quick facelift. Look for dressers with deep drawers and interesting detail to make this work in your space.” That’s not all the great nuggets Melina offers. Check out the article and learn eleven […] Read More

4 Rustic Fireplace Design Ideas That Will Make or Break Your Project

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If you have done a Google search to find that perfect rustic fireplace design, you no doubly have discovered some amazing and beautiful rustic fireplaces. However, what you probably didn’t search for were the ugly ones or the ones that disappointed your fellow homeowner after it was completed. There are a lot of variables that can go into making a rustic fireplace design look stunning. The last thing you want is to spend money, time, and emotional energy on a design and then discover it’s not what you hoped it would be; or worse yet, left feeling extremely disappointed with the end result. If you’re planning on designing a rustic fireplace we have four tips to ensure you have a great experience and that you ultimately get the rustic fireplace of your dreams.   1. Think Through the Size of Your Room Space perception is important when considering your fireplace. It’s important to consider the size of your room relative to the size of your fireplace. It would be a big mistake to design a small rustic fireplace for a large, majestic room. It would be out of ratio and feel out of place. In some instances, you can get […] Read More

4 Extremely Important Things to Consider for Your Dream Kitchen Remodel

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Creating a kitchen remodel is a dream come true. For many, a kitchen is the number one room in the house and where many people spend much of their time when home. If you’re like many, you want a kitchen that you can take pride in but is also highly functional and practical. Before you start your dream kitchen remodel, there are four extremely important things that you should consider before you, or your contractor (see below), starts ripping the old kitchen apart with the old sledgehammer.   #1 – Kitchen Island   In every episode of Fixer Upper, there is a reason Joanna Gaines incorporates an island into every kitchen design. They are practical, functional, and create a great environment to the kitchen experience. There are many practical considerations to think about when adding a kitchen island. The first thing you need to take into consideration is the architectural design of your home and kitchen. Your newly designed kitchen needs to flow nicely as you walk thru the home. There is nothing more frustrating than having only a foot between the island and the refrigerator door. Or, not being able to sit comfortably at your kitchen table because the […] Read More

4 Interior Decorators with Fireplace Designs That Will Amaze You!

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It’s the middle of summer and while you’re trying to stay out of the heat, it won’t be long before you’re trying to stay inside to keep warm next to a cozy fire. In the meantime, you may be looking at your fireplace and wondering what you can do to make it more interesting as you ponder remodeling your home or your fireplace. Perhaps you’ve done some searching on the web and you’re not finding the inspiration you need to create a unique fireplace design that is you. We’ve been researching some of 2018’s trends in fireplace designs. What we have discovered are some interesting insights that we want to share with you from four expert interior designers. Each one is blogging about their unique perspective on fireplace designs and how they can greatly improve the atmosphere in your home. If one, or all, strike you as interesting, we hope you’ll click on the link and give them a visit for some inspiration of your own. At the end of our introductions to these amazing designers, we’ll offer you an idea that could help put a fireplace design over the top and dazzle your home.   Emily Henderson Emily Henderson […] Read More

Custom Fire Pits: Create the Ultimate Backyard Experience

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If you’re considering a change to the way you experience your backyard, you’re not alone. More and more, family and friends are enjoying time together around a custom outdoor fire pit. Long gone are the days of tiki torches and only hanging out on the porch during the warmer months. Homeowners, and even businesses, are embracing the outdoor experience and at the heart of it is the custom-tailored outdoor fire pit. A custom-made outdoor fire pit creates the warm ambiance of the indoor fireplace with that of an outdoor campfire. Imagine the music of your choice playing in the background and smores over the fire pit. Imagine sitting, or standing, around the pit enjoying your favorite beverage with friends and family… or a business gathering of colleagues or prospects. No matter your purpose, a custom-made fire pit is all about the experience and atmosphere that you want to create. In addition, outdoor fire pits are no longer exclusive to warm months. They are used year-round in all kinds of climates for their atmosphere and warmth.   In the summertime, they create a great environment for social events, cookouts, and plain old fun hangouts. In the fall they offer an outdoor […] Read More

Interior Designers: Custom Fireplace Doors as a Statement of Your Interior Design

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Are you an interior designer who wants to add value to the atmosphere of your client’s home? Do you need or want a practical and elegant atmosphere that your clients will be in awe of? Are you losing sleep trying to find that one thing that will transform a room instantly without having to do everything over? Finishing off a fireplace with a custom fireplace door is the final touch to any room with a fireplace. A custom fireplace door completes a room and can contribute to any kind of atmosphere for any type of interior design. While a custom fireplace door adds to the charm of a home, there is also a practical function to consider… You want to buy a custom fireplace door because there is no such thing as a standard fireplace size. If you try to buy a fireplace door online the chances of it fitting is very rare and you will also have to install it yourself. When a fireplace door does not seal properly, it can cause an inefficiency in air flow, cause fires to burn too hot and for too long, and the drafts will allow the heat to escape. In addition, the […] Read More

Fire Glass: The Ultimate Clean, Elegant Experience

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Have you thought about transitioning your fireplace from wood to fire glass? Are you tired of having to buy or chop dry firewood and carry it into your clean house? Are you tired of having to take a shower thanks to the smell of smoke in your hair after enjoying an evening outdoors with family and friends around the fire pit? Read More

5 Reasons a Custom Driveway Gate is Necessary in Rural Areas

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Do you own a beautiful home and live in a rural area? Are you concerned about your privacy, security, or safety? Would you like to stop annoying salespeople, trespassers, or unannounced guests from showing up at your home? Read More

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