The Benefits Of Gas Fireplace Logs

Jan 20, 2014 by admin Comments: 0

There is nothing like having a good fireplace that can give warmth, comfort and style to your home. But if you want to have a fireplace there are several aspects you need to consider. The first thing you need to analyze is safety. Worrying about your home and family’s safety is a priority; fire is probably the best discovery made by man and it makes the world go around, but we also know from experience that we definitely should not play with fire. Fireplaces have long existed and we all know by now a fireplace needs firewood to function, but burning wood has its consequences, and we have to be especially aware of the health problems this can bring. With time we have found that burning firewood can cause several health effects like asthma and other respiratory issues caused by harmful chemical substances that can damage lung tissue and some of these chemicals can even lead to cancer, but the good thing about these discoveries is that they have allowed us to develop new technologies that can provide us with the same functions regular firewood has without being hazardous to our health. And that’s a relief! If you’re worried about […] Read More

Get Your Fireplace Ready For The Holidays

Dec 02, 2013 by admin Comments: 0

Holiday season is here, time to stop and think about old resolutions, make some new ones and find a gap in time where we can just sit back, relax and enjoy precious moments with our loved ones. As holidays get closer, we start to realize that it wasn’t very long since we last celebrated the beginning of a new year, a new year that by now is starting to feel old as we look back at our memories. The year is almost over, but even though it has only a few more days in it we don’t want to miss any second of them. Whenever we look back at our past we find ourselves with a wide collection of memories and we realize that all of them, even the smallest tiniest little detail makes us feel grateful for being alive. Everyone of us has a special place at our house where we feel secure, warm and loved, in other words where we feel at home. One of the many things in life that make our day full of joy is to get to our homes and feel the warm hug of a family member, an honest smile, or maybe the […] Read More

Turn your Outdated Fireplace into The Perfect Fireplace

Nov 18, 2013 by admin Comments: 0

Winter season is almost here, and that means the stay in days are just around the corner. A nice cup of hot chocolate, your favorite slippers and a good book would be the ideal companions for the perfect evening while you enjoy the warmth of your fireplace. Also, who doesn’t like the idea of spending a nice family evening around the fireplace or enjoying your favorite movies with your loved ones on a rainy day. When we talk about fireplaces we immediately think about comfort; a cozy image comes to our mind and we start to imagine the perfect environment, the perfect couch, the perfect rug, the perfect lighting and even the perfect blanket! Now that you have the idea of what perfection means, let’s make the dream come true! Updating your fireplace is just a door ahead. In contemporary living, having a fireplace is not only about keeping a place warm, it is also about style. When you have a fireplace at your home, the atmosphere surrounding it’s also important to get the most out of it. Whether you like contemporary style, casual, formal or country, at Fireplace Door Guy we excel at making your fireplace look just the […] Read More

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