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FS100 | Bellagio



FS132 | Charles



FS545 | Hercules

Hercules is our proud, state of the art fireplace surround. This is one of our custom pieces that belongs which belongs to our Private Collection and is perfect for grand homes with high ceiling rooms.

Private Collection


We are proud to present our “Private Collection Department” where creation never ends.

Our design department is capable of giving and crating new ideas starting from scratch. We use computer 3-D CAD program for design and than hand sculpting to ring to live any style desired.

Our molds are made in house by our craftsman which gives us endless ability to manipulate any shape, curve, texture and color imagined.

Our custom design has one mission, and that is to bring your idea to life, and make every Mantel into a “Private Collection” art piece.

Thank you for allowing us to share our passion with you. 

Add Local Installation Available in California, Arizona and Nevada

We ship all over the USA