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Our Fireplace Doors are all hand built-customized one at a time to each customer individually chosen design requests.


Why Buy Custom?


Our customers want something that is made especially and specifically for them, either to fit a uniquely-shaped fireplace or firebox or something that complements their style and tastes, getting what you want is something our customers understand and value.

We take pride in every door we make; all our doors are handmade right here in Southern California.


Meet The Fireplace Door Guy & Family

Fireplace Door Guy has been a family business owned and operated by the founder Danny Vice since 1989. Starting out of his garage in 89′ and selling door to door with only a handful of flyers but always keeping quality, value, and excellent customer service in mind. Danny’s consistent effort quickly escalated the Fireplace Door Guy into the best fireplace door manufacturer in the country. Danny now operates the business alongside his son Jake who has been helping his father since he was 11 years old. All the hard work has enabled us to manufacture our own premium fireplace doors, entry gates, fire pits, and gas logs. All of which are now delivered year-round and across the country. We are proud of our profession and are always looking for new ways to offer our customers the satisfaction they deserve through our work.

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4 Fireplace Must Answer Questions

You have questions about your fireplace, and we have answers! Many homeowners want a fireplace, but it’s often the least thought about part of a home, outside of the décor. How do ensure the fireplace doesn’t have a strong draft that sucks the warm out of your home? What do you do about the strong odors emanating from your fireplace? Why is the glass turning black and what should you do about it? Are there hidden malfunctions that could cause a serious fire a necessary 911 call? If you are about to build a home, add a fireplace, or need to improve the efficiency or décor of your fireplace, this is a must-read resource to ensure you get exactly what you need and want? Are you ready? Let’s dive in and answer the questions above and much more…   Should I Use Glass or a Wrought Iron Fireplace Door? Glass or wrought iron comes down to preference. The key is to make sure you have a properly tempered glass if that’s what you choose. Wrought iron fireplace doors are one of our favorites due to its strength, durability, ability to help distribute heat, and most important… we can custom make […]

6 Reclaimed Wood Furniture Ideas

Have you been thinking about how to create a unique look in your home or on the patio? It seems that there is no shortage of old wood laying around just waiting to be a part of a reclaimed wood project. In fact, a search on Craigslist in the Free section yields a lot of throwaway wood waiting to be used. Today, we want to inspire you with some ideas on how you can improve your home décor in the living room, a hallway, kitchen, around the fireplace or your outdoor experience around the fire pit.   Reclaimed Wood Shutters and Window Frames Have you ever thought about wood shutters or window frames as décor on a wall? A stroll through a flea market, antique store, or Craigslist can yield you a steal for your reclaimed wood decor. You can create scenes, decorate existing holes in the wall (i.e. open spaces to see from one room to another), or add to an existing glass frame. Your designs are only limited by your own creativity or the inspiration you can find on Pinterest. Here are a few examples to consider:     Reclaimed Wood Mantels Do you want a unique or […]

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