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Installation Available in All 50 States

5 Holiday Decoration Ideas for Your Fireplace Mantle

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T’is the season to be festive!

The holidays are right around the corner, and you’re thinking of ways to decorate your fireplace mantle. Doing so allows you to celebrate more and get in the spirit of Thanksgiving, Hanukkah, and Christmas fully. If you’ve just bought your home and never had a fireplace until now, you’ll need some inspiration to get your creative juices flowing. Lucky for you, we’re rife with creativity, which we’re going to share with you.

Ways to Give Your Fireplace Mantle Extra Holiday Flair

Your mantle provides the perfect place to display holiday items of all shapes, sizes, colors, and textures. It’s a way to express yourself and share the things that you enjoy about winter with visitors. While planning your display, consider the things that you already have on hand before buying new items to include above the fireplace.

Five holiday decoration ideas for your mantle include:

  1. Rustic Décor. Think materials that come from nature. Pinecones, wooden statues, and clear vessels full of dried berries can be very simple yet beautiful.
  2. Extra Ornaments. Glass ornaments and even Christmas bulbs look great in different types of holders, such as bowls and vases. You’ve likely got plenty of extras to work with that could be used better on your mantle than in a box somewhere.
  3. Bold Patterned Stockings. Allow the design to tell the tale. Standard red stockings don’t need to be the norm with so many colorful patterns to choose from.
  4. All White. Mimic the look of snow throughout the area by choosing all white decorations. In a room with lots of colors, it’s a great way to create contrast.
  5. A Nativity Scene. Beautiful sets exist from every country in the world. If you can get your hands on one when you travel, use it to remind you of your trip.

There are many ways to give your fireplace extra attention. The five suggestions listed here are enough to get your creative wheels turning. Choose a theme for your décor and enjoy decorating the mantle with your family.

Usher in the Holidays with a Beautifully Decorated Fireplace

Give your fireplace mantle the VIP treatment this holiday. There are many ways to usher in the season. The list above provides you with five excellent ideas to use as inspiration. You can add your flair to them however you want.

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