5 Ideas For Hosting a Relaxed Autumn Gathering Around Your Outdoor Fireplace

Yes, at The Fireplace Door Guy we are equally surprised as you are; we’re a bit half past the year already, Summer is ending and Autumn is working its way into our lives, and with that comes the time to enjoy your fireplace again!

Autumn days are perfect for outdoor gatherings in your home, the weather is neither too cold or too hot and the Sun starts to set earlier in the horizon, which means we have more time to enjoy by the light of our outdoor fireplace!

A good idea to enjoy and celebrate the onset of Autumn is to host a relaxed gathering around your outdoor fireplace, but we know you want to make it perfect, so here are 5 ideas to accomplish your perfect Autumn party!


1. Time Matters!

As we mentioned before, in Autumn days the Sun sets earlier in the day, and this changes our perception of time, and, excuse us for the comparison, but we basically work like roosters, we get up and start to sing as soon as the Sun rises, and as soon as it sets in the horizon we start to get sleepy.

If you don’t want your guests to get sleepy before the fun begins, start your gathering earlier in the day, that way, when it starts to get dark everyone will be relaxed to enjoy the light of your fireplace.


2. Create a Cozy Atmosphere

One of the things most people like about Autumn is the coziness it allows you to create in the different areas of your home, the weather is not too cold and not too hot, so it’s easier to enjoy it , we know you can get cozy in the winter too, but the difference from the coziness in these two seasons is that in Fall you don’t have to fight against a biting cold weather, instead you just feel a cool breeze but you can still sit outside and the warmth that your fireplace produces will be ideal to keep you warm.

If you want to create that cozy atmosphere that everyone enjoys, place your patio chairs in a circle around your outdoor fireplace and bring out your softest cushions and blankets so everyone can have one in case they get a bit cold or just to snug something, it also helps if you light some candles and place them around your patio, fire always creates a cozy atmosphere in an instant!


3. Use Seasonal Colors and Decoration

Remember we are celebrating the onset of Autumn, so make sure you use the colors of the season, orange, brown, red, and bit of green, also, in this season, pumpkins are everywhere, make sure you decorate with some pumpkins as well, they are perfect accents of your decoration and you can make pumpkin pie afterwards.


4. Burn Marshmallows in Your Fireplace

Burning marshmallows in a fireplace is an activity both young and adults enjoy equally, and it will make the perfect idea for a dessert after having dinner, but this is just an idea, you know you can be as creative as you want! Just make sure you open your fireplace door carefully and always keep an eye on children!


5. Keep it Safe

For us, there’s no fun without safety. There is nothing worthier that keeping your loved ones safe, that is why a fireplace door is always recommended to have in any kind of fireplace, no matter if it’s outside your home and you think the risk of suffering an accident is remote.

Accidents can happen at the least expected moments and places, so it’s better to be prepared at all times and do everything in your hands to reduce the chance of hazard, and the best way to do this is by having an outdoor fireplace.

At The Fireplace Door Guy we can provide you the best fireplace door styles and designs for your outdoor and indoor fireplaces.

Give us a call today, we’re always happy to help!

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