3 Hidden Truths That No One Tells You About Fireplaces

Most fireplace owners realize certain things about their fireplaces that no one ever told them they should be dealing with just a little too late. Most constructors will make the job and build a fireplace without properly assisting the homeowner and providing them with accurate information on fireplaces before carrying out the project.

One of the main goals at the Fireplace Door Guy is to provide the best customer service and answer all the questions our customers may have about fireplaces, fire doors and our wide variety of fireplace products and services.

Honesty, quality and craftsmanship are what stand us apart from everyone else in the market, so here are 3 truths that no one tells you about fireplaces. See for yourself and decide for the option that best fits your needs:


1. You Spend More Money When Your Fireplace is Not In Use

As strange as it may sound for most people, not using your fireplace makes you spend more money than when you actually use it.

The reason for this is that fireplaces need a lot of maintenance while not in use, for example, you need to make sure your fireplace damper has no blockages as sometimes certain animals can make a home out of your chimney because of the warmth and shelter it provides. In these cases what you need to do is call a professional to help you clear the blockage.

Another common problem of unused fireplaces is fireplace mold which is caused due to poor ventilation, dim light and depending on the weather outside, sometimes damp. These conditions make the perfect environment for mold to grow and having mold on fireplaces or any other area of your house can lead to serious health problems.

As you may already know, getting rid of mold is a hard task (and you will only get rid of mold for a short period of time), first, you will need to buy expensive chemicals and other materials as a stiff brush, a flashlight to check for mold on all parts of the chimney, and if you don’t want to do this yourself you will need to call professionals to do the job.

Taking care of all of this will make you spend more money maintaining your fireplace while not in use rather when in use. That’s why we strongly suggest you lit your fireplace for a bit even if its not that cold outside.


2. You Need a Fireplace Door, Whether You Have a Wood or Gas Fireplace

Usually we tend to think fireplace doors are only to be used in wood fireplaces, but the truth is that when it comes to handling fire, all safety efforts should not be taken lightly, as accidents happen in the most rare occasions and when you least expect them.

In both cases (wood or gas fireplaces) installing a fireplace door is a good idea. On wood fireplaces the risks of not having a fireplace door are higher as burning logs often produce sparks that can reach furniture outside the fireplace without you even noticing and this could easily start a fire.

The same thing happens with a gas fireplace, remember that fire can be dangerous if left unattended in any situation, but installing a fireplace door will definitely lower the probabilities of accidents.


3. Wood Fireplaces Can Be In The Long Run, More Expensive Than a Gas Fireplace

Yes, we know the cost of utilities are high, but if you have a wood fireplace and have been thinking to make the change for a gas fireplace but are not doing in because it’s expensive, you better think twice.

Gas fireplaces use as much gas as you want to spend so basically how much you want to pay for your gas bill is completely up to you Having a gas fireplace will reduce how much you invest in heating a living room and will save you effort and time, as gas logs require very minimum or none maintenance.

Wood fireplaces cost a lot more to maintain as you have to be constantly buying wood to burn, plus, you will be spending a lot of money in products to clean your fireplace from all the ashes or frequently paying a professional to do the job. In contrast to actual wood, gas logs are clean, safe and practical.

At The Fireplace Door Guy we can provide you with a wide variety of models and designs for fireplace doors or gas log sets, and you won’t believe how much you can save making these small changes to your favorite spot around your house: your fireplace.

Give us a call and tell us what you need!

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