4 Rustic Fireplace Design Ideas That Will Make or Break Your Project

If you have done a Google search to find that perfect rustic fireplace design, you no doubly have discovered some amazing and beautiful rustic fireplaces. However, what you probably didn’t search for were the ugly ones or the ones that disappointed your fellow homeowner after it was completed.

There are a lot of variables that can go into making a rustic fireplace design look stunning. The last thing you want is to spend money, time, and emotional energy on a design and then discover it’s not what you hoped it would be; or worse yet, left feeling extremely disappointed with the end result.

If you’re planning on designing a rustic fireplace we have four tips to ensure you have a great experience and that you ultimately get the rustic fireplace of your dreams.


1. Think Through the Size of Your Room

Space perception is important when considering your fireplace. It’s important to consider the size of your room relative to the size of your fireplace. It would be a big mistake to design a small rustic fireplace for a large, majestic room. It would be out of ratio and feel out of place.

In some instances, you can get away with a large fireplace in a smaller room, but even that has limitations.


2. What Type of Rustic Fireplace Design Fits Your Room (Modern or Older Feel)

There are many different types of rustic fireplace designs and deciding on the right one is important to the atmosphere you want to create in a room. For example, you could choose:

  • Stone
  • Rocks
  • Brick
  • Wood



Do you want your fireplace to be darker in color or lighter? That depends on the colors in your home and the style of home you have, as well as your décor preferences.

A more modern home may work better with lighter colors. A cabin or log home may do well with darker colors.

Also, the bigger the room, the bigger the rustic fireplace, the more options you have to design a modern or older looking rustic fireplace.


3. Mantels are Vital to a Rustic Fireplace Design

A mantle can make or break your rustic fireplace design. It’s important to get it right. Again, size matters. If it’s too big it could overwhelm your rustic fireplace. If it’s too small, it could look out of ratio and strange to the eye.

Unless you prefer a specific color that goes well with your type of rustic fireplace design, you should stain your mantel. We can’t stress enough that painting your fireplace will probably turn out different than you want it to. Stains can both accent the room and blend in with it, and that is important to a room that’s frequently used.

Also, pay close attention to the wood grain of your mantel. Real hardwood stains very well but can be more expensive. If you’re looking to save some money, consider a veneer mantle or a medium density fiberboard. They will not stain as well but they look great in a pre-finished color of your choice.


4. Open Fireplaces or a Fireplace Door?

With a name like Fireplace Door Guy, you know we had to go there…

Really, this is a big decision. Many people enjoy the look and sounds of an open fireplace and a cozy atmosphere. However, open fireplaces can cause more problems than they solve. Many are drafty and allow the warm air in a home to escape up the chimney. This can cause a house to be drafty.

They can also create fire hazards. Logs can roll out of the fireplace and onto your floor. Thank goodness in this case, there was a hearth rug to protect the carpeting and prevent a real fire.


Also, smoke can sometimes enter the house and stain your fireplace above the fireplace entry as well as the walls and ceiling. The smoke on the fireplace itself can be very difficult to clean and remove, if not impossible.

A rustic fireplace design can include a custom fireplace door. Not only is the elegant and beautiful, they create a unique atmosphere in any home and compliment every fireplace. A fireplace door not only adds beauty to your new rustic fireplace design, it also adds safety.


If you’re dreaming about a new rustic fireplace, these four ideas can make or break your project. We hope these ideas “make” your rustic fireplace design experience better.

If you want more ideas, we encourage you to check our gallery of pictures to get ideas and inspiration.

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