4 Tips to Give Maintenance to Your Wood Burning Fireplace and Avoid Risks

Fall and winter are the perfect seasons to enjoy from a nice evening around your fireplace. The cold weather months make your fireplace one of the most essential items on your home to keep it warm and to make your family happy. But a wood burning fireplace can require a lot of maintenance and present some risks for your family’s safety as well.

Smoke and flying sparkles around the house can be some of the exposures associated with wood burning fireplaces. These can be serious hazards to your health and can provoke expensive damages around the house or can lead to uncontrollable fires.

At The Fireplace Door Guy we want you to be safe at all times, that’s why we’ve made a list of 5 tips to give maintenance to your fireplace to avoid the risks of wood burning:

  • Choose the right wood to burn

Burning the right wood, can make a lot of difference on your health and safety. Choose burning wood that cause less creosote buildup, which can be a risk to your health. Try for example maple, ash, birch and oak or any other kind of hardwood and stay away from softwoods.

  • Install a fireplace door

Installing a fireplace door will ensure safety around your fireplace. Fireplace doors are good because they can withstand high temperatures and can also keep the flying sparks from wood inside the fireplace and prevent them from flying all around your house.

  • Have your fireplace inspected

Having your fireplace inspected at least once a year before winter begins can save you a lot of money and a lot of trouble as well. A professional will make sure that your fireplace is clean, will make sure there are no signs of buildup and will monitor your fireplace for other signs that could become a problem in the near future.

  • Keep your fireplace clean

Clean the interior of your fireplace regularly. Make sure you sweep or vacuum ashes always wearing protection on your hands and using a dust mask.

Having a wood burning fireplace is exciting for most families, but modern families sometimes have less time to maintain their fireplaces ins good condition. If this is your case, at The Fireplace Door Guy, we suggest you choose to install a gas fireplace instead. Gas fireplaces are safer, cleaner and require less maintenance as well.

If you would like to know more about gas fireplaces give us a call! We’re here to answer all your questions!

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