5 Reasons a Custom Driveway Gate is Necessary in Rural Areas

Do you own a beautiful home and live in a rural area? Are you concerned about your privacy, security, or safety? Would you like to stop annoying salespeople, trespassers, or unannounced guests from showing up at your home?

If you’re like many rural homeowners, you bought a beautiful home in the country because you love not living on top of people in congested, heavily populated cities and suburbs. Your personal space and privacy are important to you as well as the enjoyment of the countryside.

However, you may have some concerns of insecurities about living remotely in a rural area. If you answered “yes” to any of the questions above, it may be time to add a new custom driveway gate or upgrade your existing driveway gate to your rural home.

There are many benefits to adding a custom driveway gate to your home. Let’s dive into it…



#1 – Driveway Gates Add Privacy, Security and Lower Insurance Premiums to Your Rural Home

You likely moved to a rural home to escape the pressures and stress of a congested metropolitan area. Who finds joy in being able to reach out your bathroom window to shake the hand of your neighbor (okay, that is just gross, but you get the idea).

The distance between neighbors is a good thing. But, it also means you probably live in a community with a small police presence, or maybe none at all. In some rural areas, it can take police up to an hour to arrive after receiving a 911 call.

A gated driveway with proper fencing may prevent unwanted visitors who are encroaching on your privacy and security or those annoying people that love to turnaround in your driveway a little to close to the house for your comfort.

Another benefit is that a driveway gate may also lower your homeowner’s insurance and save your family money to use for other things.



#2 – Driveway Gates Protect Children and Pets

A driveway gate will create a safe boundary for your children and pets. It’s no fun wondering if your dog is running in the street or if your child has wandered off someplace he or she shouldn’t have. Plus, peace of mind is worth having and it’s one less thing to worry about.


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#3 – Driveway Gates Increase the Beauty and Value of Your Home

How often do you see a home with a gate and think to yourself; that property is beautiful and luxurious. A driveway gate adds an opportunity to create a beautiful landscape that compliments your home with amazing curb appeal. Gardens, flowers, bushes… or any other kind of landscape adds to the value of your home.

It not only adds to your landscape; a driveway gate also increases the financial value of your home. That’s right, it increases your property value. According to Realty Times, “adding a gate can boost your home’s value by as much as $50,000 or more.”



#4 – A Driveway Gate Helps Keep Out Unwanted Wildlife from Destroying Your Property

Are you tired of taking out the dogs at night to go potty because you know predators like coyotes are looking for food?

How about the deer that wants to eat all of the fresh tomatoes in the garden, or the corn you planted, that you worked so hard to grow?

Or, have you seen or experienced wildlife that just demolished lawns, bushes, flowers, or even a house. Have you seen the funny video of the bear who broke a kitchen window to eat the M&M’s off of the kitchen counter? It’s funny when it’s not you… but that could be a very bad situation.

Check out the video of this guy trying to chase a bear cub out of his home.




#5 – A Driveway Gate is Convenient

An automatic driveway gate will allow you to control when it opens and closes. Who wants to get wet in the rain or snow for the privilege of getting in and out of your own driveway? It’s not just convenient, it could save you a trip to the dry cleaners.



A driveway gate enhances the stature and look of your rural home. It adds a perfect finishing touch just like a beautiful border around a drawing or picture. It offers the security, protection, landscape beauty, and increased value to your home for a very reasonable cost.

Contact us today for a free consultation or click here to look at different types and styles of custom driveway gates we offer. We will help you design a gate that fits in with the décor of your property and home.

Call us today at (951) 225-1032 and we will guide you through the process.


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