Installation Available in All 50 States

Installation Available in All 50 States

5 Reasons To Use Gas Logs in Your Fireplace Instead of Wood

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Wood fireplaces are highly enjoyable in winter, but there are many inconveniences that come from burning wood inside your home, which include spending more time providing proper maintenance and the high costs of operation. However, many homeowners are afraid to make the transition to a gas fireplace due to misinformation.

If you’re thinking about installing a gas fireplace, here are 5 good reasons why you should definitely make the change:

1. It is least expensive:

Turning your wood fireplace into a gas fireplace is not as costly as you might think. Yes, the initial cost of installation can hurt a bit, but just think about the many years of saving and enjoyment to come.

2. Low costs of operation:

Operating a gas fireplace is not only easy but also inexpensive. On average, a natural gas fireplace costs less than 20 cents an hour to enjoy. If you do the math on how much a set of wood logs cost and how much they’re going to last… well, we think the advantage between having a gas log set and burning wood is pretty clear.

3. Gas log sets are easy to use:

It doesn’t matter where your fireplace is located at, gas fireplaces are really easy to use and can be installed in any area of the house where you want to enjoy a little bit of warmth. Gas logs sets, besides looking good, can be modulated to the your needs, so that if you wish to have higher temperatures on a room or vice versa, you can turn up or down the thermostat.

4. They don’t produce sparks:

Gas logs look like real wood logs and can fool the eye, but because they’re ceramic logs they will never produce ashes, which means that there is no risk of having a fire due to fire sparks.

5. They provide constant heat:

One of the main differences you’ll find using gas logs instead of burning wood, is that with a gas log set you will have a constant heat supply without losing heat as it normally happens with wood logs.

At The Fireplace Door Guy, we have many options of gas log sets that will warm up your home while adding a beautiful and clean touch. If after reading this you’ve made up your mind and want to buy a pair of gas logs, give us a call!

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  1. Also consider that gas doesn’t leave your house smelling smoky the next day. And doesn’t darken the paint over the fireplace. And you don’t need to lug in logs every time you want a fire. No need to paw through the wood pile full of critters you’re rather not know about!

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