5 Things to Consider Before You Have Your Fireplace Remodeled

What you need to know before you commit to a fireplace makeover.


If you’ve moved into a beautiful home with an outdated fireplace, don’t worry! A fireplace remodel is within your household budget. In fact, instead of dealing with someone else’s vision of the perfect fireplace, you get to design your own. That means that your idea comes to life inside your home, so it feels more like you.

What to Think About Before Hiring a Fireplace Remodeler

Before you put any money into new fireplace doors or screens, there are some things you should know before hiring a remodeler. That way, you’re well aware of what to expect throughout the process. If you’re new to owning a fireplace, what you’ll take away from the experience is the knowledge needed to care for your newly updated fireplace.

Here are five things to consider before you have your fireplace remodeled:

  1. You likely have a certain price in mind that you can afford. It helps you determine how much or how little you’ll have done to your current fireplace to make it look new.
  2. The purpose of having a fireplace is to keep your home warm. You want it to work as well as it possibly can without issue. Having it redesigned can decrease your home energy bills by offering you a natural way to keep warm during the colder months of the year.
  3. Fireplaces range in styles to match your home’s current look. You can add to the aesthetic of a room by creating a fireplace that matches your home’s style, theme, and décor.
  4. Fireplace Doors. Ornate and practical, they close off the fireplace while it’s not in use. They also serve as decoration, too, because of their unique appearance and outstanding materials.
  5. Timeframe of Completion. You’ll want to have an idea of how long it will take to complete the remodel. That way, you can plan your schedule accordingly.

Call Us When You’re Ready to Have Your Fireplace Remodeled!

A fireplace remodel gives your living room an entirely new look. From custom fireplace doors to gas logs, you can achieve your fireplace goals quickly. With help from the Fireplace Guys, you’ll get the look that you hoped for. Let us know how we can serve you by getting into contact with us at (951) 225-1032.

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