Custom Fire Pits: Create the Ultimate Backyard Experience

If you’re considering a change to the way you experience your backyard, you’re not alone. More and more, family and friends are enjoying time together around a custom outdoor fire pit. Long gone are the days of tiki torches and only hanging out on the porch during the warmer months.

Homeowners, and even businesses, are embracing the outdoor experience and at the heart of it is the custom-tailored outdoor fire pit.

A custom-made outdoor fire pit creates the warm ambiance of the indoor fireplace with that of an outdoor campfire. Imagine the music of your choice playing in the background and smores over the fire pit. Imagine sitting, or standing, around the pit enjoying your favorite beverage with friends and family… or a business gathering of colleagues or prospects.

No matter your purpose, a custom-made fire pit is all about the experience and atmosphere that you want to create.

In addition, outdoor fire pits are no longer exclusive to warm months. They are used year-round in all kinds of climates for their atmosphere and warmth.


  • In the summertime, they create a great environment for social events, cookouts, and plain old fun hangouts.
  • In the fall they offer an outdoor contrast with warmth while enjoying the color change of the trees in the crisp, cool air.
  • In the winter they offer heat and atmosphere to the beauty of snow… or a hot tub if you’re so blessed to have one.
  • In the springtime, it’s a great way to enjoy the sounds of life returning as the birds chirp and the squirrels play.


For some, a fire pit may feel like an ancient idea, like something out of Captain Caveman. The stone-age never had a backyard like yours and they certainly didn’t enjoy life like you do. A custom fire pit adds elegance, fashion, and a sense of belonging to those who enjoy the atmosphere they create for every occasion.


Different Types of Custom Made Outdoor Fire Pits for Different Needs


There are many different types, styles, and shapes of outdoor fire pits.

You may prefer round, rectangular, or square fire pits.

Perhaps you want the campfire experience of wood or you would prefer the smokeless fire glass versions that use propane or natural gas.

It all comes down to atmosphere and/or convenience.



Click here to see more pics of custom-made fire pits


Outdoor Wood Fire Pits

An outdoor wood fire pit creates a rustic atmosphere and for many conjures up old memories of times past. The gathering of the wood, the lighting of it, and the pride of watching the flames grow into something beautiful as it creates a gorgeous light and warm feeling on your clothes and skin.

For some, they love the sound of crackling and the smell of burning wood.


Glass Fire Pits

On the other hand, a glass fire pit uses either propane or natural gas. It’s an instant, convenient fire and for many, the best part is that there is no smoke… which means you don’t need a shower to get rid of that smoke smell in your hair.

Fire glass can also create different atmospheres since it has crushed glass of different colors. The glass reflects a dazzling atmosphere when the fire is lit and provides a unique light.


What to Do Before You Purchase a Custom Fire Pit


Before you purchase your dream, custom fire pit there are a few things to consider:


#1 – Know the ordinances where you live. There may be ordinances regarding fire structures in your area. There may be regulations regarding the type of fire pits, construction materials, dimensions, and location, as well as restrictions on what can be burnt. Make sure you are aware of these before you spend your hard-earned money or start work!


#2 – Choose the right spot for your custom fire pit. Safety is the most important thing if you’re local codes don’t already specify where you can and cannot place your custom fire pit. Don’t choose a location near hanging trees, brushes, buildings, or combustible materials.

Most importantly, choose a location where you and your guests can enjoy it safely.


#3 – Decide what you want for size and shape, as well as wood or gas.


A custom outdoor fire pit is a great way to enjoy your backyard, entertain guests, and increase the value of your home.

At this point, you may have questions about your options, price, or installation. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help you create an amazing outdoor experience with a custom fire pit. Call today at 951-225-1032. We guarantee a no-hassle, informative experience.

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