How to Choose The Right Fireplace Door

There is one element of a fireplace (beside fire) that’s fundamental to have if you’re looking to enjoy the complete experience of it, and that, is a fireplace door.


Fireplace doors are not only important because they provide safety but also they can completely change the look of your fireplace and plus, they come in many different sizes, styles and colors. But to choose the right fireplace door for your chimney can be tricky if you don’t have the expertise of The Fireplace Door Guy to guide you.


If you want to have an idea of what kind of door you need, here are some traits that will help you through the selection process:


1. Measures:


The first thing you need to do is to measure the fireplace opening. There are many types of fireplaces, some of them are rectangular, some are arched, U-shaped, L-shaped, arched in rectangle, etc. and all of them are different, so it is really important for you to properly measure the width and height of the opening because based on these measurements you will get an accurate idea of what you need.


2. Style:


There are different styles of fireplace doors you can choose from. First, there is the bi-fold doors; these type of doors have two panels per section that fold into each other when you open them. Then there are the twin doors, which are actually like your kitchen cabinets, or the type of windows that can be opened in pairs. Another option is to have a free-standing screen, that’s not properly a door, but complies the same purposes as one.


3. Finish:


There are many types of finishes for a fireplace door. At The Fireplace Door Guy every single detail is custom made, so whether you are looking for a plated, powdered or any other type of finished, we can make it for you.


When it comes to buying a fireplace door, every single detail is important, but most of all it is essential that you consult an expert on the field to do the job. We have to understand that a fireplace door will do much more for you than just add some style to your home, having a fireplace door is a matter of safety, and proper installation and use are key to accomplish this.


A custom made fireplace door is a hundred times better than buying a stock fireplace door. Every chimney is different, so if you want yours to work at its best, make sure you call us. At The Fireplace Door Guy we make all types of custom doors to meet your exact needs. Contact us to get a free consultation!

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