Interior Designers: Custom Fireplace Doors as a Statement of Your Interior Design

Are you an interior designer who wants to add value to the atmosphere of your client’s home?

Do you need or want a practical and elegant atmosphere that your clients will be in awe of?

Are you losing sleep trying to find that one thing that will transform a room instantly without having to do everything over?

Finishing off a fireplace with a custom fireplace door is the final touch to any room with a fireplace. A custom fireplace door completes a room and can contribute to any kind of atmosphere for any type of interior design.

While a custom fireplace door adds to the charm of a home, there is also a practical function to consider…

You want to buy a custom fireplace door because there is no such thing as a standard fireplace size. If you try to buy a fireplace door online the chances of it fitting is very rare and you will also have to install it yourself.

When a fireplace door does not seal properly, it can cause an inefficiency in air flow, cause fires to burn too hot and for too long, and the drafts will allow the heat to escape. In addition, the wrong fireplace door type or fit could become a fire hazard.

Now that we have that out of the way, why would you want to talk with us about a custom fireplace door for your project?


6 Reasons an Interior Designer Should Buy a Custom Fireplace Door


#1 – We Only Use the Finest Materials When Making a Custom Fireplace Door

Since 1989, Fireplace Door Guy has custom designed and created thousands of fireplace doors for homes all over the United States.

Unlike mass-produced fireplace doors that you can get at a big box retailer or your local hardware store, we use wrought iron over steel due to the longevity and durability. The benefits of wrought iron have numerous benefits over steel:

  1. Wrought Iron fireplace doors are less susceptible to the type of corrosion or deforming that spells the end for inferior steel products.
  2. With wrought iron fireplace doors, you get a consistently strong and durable product that’s well-placed to withstand sudden, heavy blows and higher temperatures.
  3. Wrought Iron, unlike steel, can be worked into intricate designs, from the contemporary to the classical. It’s perfect for creating statement pieces.



#2 – What is the Quality of the Craftsmanship?

All of our custom fireplace doors are 100% custom made to the client’s fireplace dimensions and specifications. All custom fireplace doors are made from quality wrought iron, powder coated to prevent any rusting, shot with a heat resistant paint that can withhold to over 2000 degrees, and every door comes with a 10-year warranty to guarantee its quality.


#3 – We Make it Easy for You to Submit a Custom Fireplace Design

It is extremely easy to submit a custom design for a fireplace door. Our job is to make your job easy and ultimately to make you look amazing to your clients.

You can submit a photo of a design you have or a photo of something in your home you would like us to match by:

  • Visiting the contact form on our website
  • Calling our office at 951-225-1032, or
  • The most popular way since we almost always have direct contact with our clients is via text


#4 – How do you work with an Interior Designer?

If the client is local to the southern California area, we will schedule a face-to-face appointment with the Interior Designer and/or the Interior Designer’s client to show them our design book and assist in choosing the perfect fireplace door design for their home.

Additionally, if needed, we can provide CAD drawings for a minimal fee. Each CAD drawing is created by a professional artist or we can provide a rough sketch for free.

Since every fireplace is custom made, we will work closely with each interior designer to ensure the best service and satisfaction.



#5 – What is the Lead Time on Each Custom Fireplace Door from Order to Installation?

If you are local to Southern California, our lead time is approximately 3 weeks of receiving the order to to installation of the custom fireplace door.

If an interior designer has a shorter deadline, we can offer a 5-day turnaround as long as the door does not have glass. The reason is that glass is custom made by a glass company and takes approximately 7 days.

If you are an out-of-state client, depending on where you are in the country, you can expect a lead time of 5-7 weeks from the time of receiving the order to installation. If necessary, we have installers available in all states.


#6 – Are Installers Certified or Meet Specific Requirements?

All installers are required to be trained and overlooked by the owner of Fireplace Door Guy until we believe the installer is 100% fit to work solo. All installers are also trained to grout doors for clients with natural stone.


If You’re an Interior Designer Looking for Best Fireplace Door Craftmanship…


Consider talking to us about how we can make you look great to your client’s and offer your clients an incredible product that you both will be proud of for years to come.

Want more information? Visit our galleries, catalogs, and learning center.

Fireplace Doors Gallery 1    Fireplace Doors Gallery 2     Fireplace Doors Catalog 1    Fireplace Doors Catalog 2     Learning Center

FYI – Not only do we offer the best, and most elegant, fireplace doors in the USA, we also offer high-end fire pits, fire glass, outdoor fireplaces, gates, fire sculptures, and ceramic fireplace logs.

Are you an Interior Designer who like to know more or have a project you would like us to consider? Call us 951-225-1032 and we will offer you unmatched customer service for you and your client’s needs.

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