Is A Fireplace Door A Good Investment?

How many times have you stared at your fireplace and felt like something’s missing? Or, how many times have you thought about getting a fireplace door for your chimney but then stopped thinking about it because you convince yourself you don’t really need it?

Before you tell us your answers, let us tell you about our experience. This is probably one of the most common cases we see here at The Fireplace Door Guy. Some people tend to think fireplace doors are not something that would make an important change in their living rooms or in their lives, and they decide to keep their fireplace door-less as it is, but also in our experience, 10 out of 10 customers that have made the change are completely satisfied!

As you may already know, fireplaces play an important role in our house, especially in those cold winter days when we use it to heat the living room, also, fireplaces are huge in family gatherings and usually an excellent set for romance!

Now that we all agree that a fireplace is much more than just an ornamental structure in your home, let’s talk about business: Do you really need a fireplace door? Can you do without having one? Is a fireplace door a good investment? Let us answer these questions for you:

1. Do you really need a fireplace door?

Yes, you do. The reason? Many fires are started for not paying close attention and neglecting the proper use of chimneys. We have to understand that we’re dealing with actual fire here, so, if you don’t have a fireplace door you are risking yourself and your family to a catastrophe. Burning wood in a chimney without a barrier can cause sparks to jump out of the fireplace and start a fire. Fireplace doors are specially designed to keep sparks, rolling logs and embers from starting a fire. So yes, for your own and your family’s safety, you do need a fireplace door.

2. Can you do without having a fireplace door?

This is a tricky question, if you ask me, I’d say you can. I mean, let’s face it, the only thing we couldn’t live without is water and food, but being reasonable, fireplace doors are a matter of safety, I know it all depends on the lens through which each person sees the world, but keeping it safe will ensure many years of enjoyment!

3. Is a fireplace door a good investment?

Yes, let’s not forget a fireplace door will keep you and your family safe, and also, beside being a really beautiful and elegant decorative accessory to your home that will make your living room look amazing. Having a fireplace also means really enjoying your family gatherings without having to worry about anything else but their lovely company.

So, is a fireplace door a good investment? Yes, it most definitely is! And at The Fireplace Door Guy we have what you need. Call us today!


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