Tips and Tricks To Make The Most Out Of Your Fireplace During Summer!

Fireplaces are usually associated with winter and cold weather, and we think this is the only time in which a fireplace is most enjoyable, but the truth is that a chimney can be enjoyed all year long, but we tend to forget about them as soon as the first sun rays hit our windows and cold weather starts to vanish.

This happens mainly because we only see our fireplaces as a source of heat for the cold winters. But fireplaces are much more than that.

If you have no idea how you can use your fireplace in summer, here are some tips we suggest you follow for these warm days!

1. A Fireplace Like A Work Of Art

Fireplaces are a beautiful element of your house and they always enhance the look of the room they’re in, specially if you have a wonderful fireplace door custom made and installed by The Fireplace Door Guy! Get creative and see your empty fireplace like a blank canvas!
2. Burn Candles

If burning logs makes your house too hot in summer, consider burning scented candles instead. This will keep the nice, relaxing ambiance you like so much without increasing the heat in your home.

3. Use Your Patio Chimney

One thing is to fire up a chimney inside your home, and another completely different is to use your outdoor fireplace.

Outdoor fireplaces are an excellent way to create a friendly atmosphere even in a warm summer night! Gather your friends around your chimney and sit along to watch the stars!

4. Get Wild With Plants!

Nothing brings more life to a home than plants, since you’re not using your fireplace in summer you can take that free space and decorate it with any plant you like! Just remember to water them, because contrary to logs, they are alive and we want to keep them that way!

5. Close Your Fireplace Door

You don’t have to worry if you haven’t had the time to properly clean your fireplace, the only thing you have to do is close your fireplace doors while you find the perfect time to do it (and don’t worry, we won’t tell anyone about this). A fireplace door will hide the mess and it will always look good, rain or shine!

At The Fireplace Door Guy we know a chimney is much more than just a hole in your wall to burn wood, that’s why we offer the most amazingly custom hand made doors for your fireplace, so you can enjoy the beauty of it all year long!

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