What is a Free-Standing Screen & How Can it Benefit My Fireplace?

Let’s face it, no fireplace is complete without a fireplace door. Having a fireplace door is of vital importance when owning a fireplace not just to add style but to make it safe as burning wood or having fire anywhere around your home can be dangerous if you don’t take the necessary precautions.


If you own a fireplace you definitely need to get a fireplace door. A fireplace door is not an alternative or an option for your fireplace, it is a must and there is no reason why you shouldn’t have one.

The same way there are many options for a fireplace, there are many options for a fireplace door as well. At The Fireplace Door Guy we have all imaginable shapes, sizes and designs for fireplace doors, every door is custom made and handcrafted from scratch to fit your own particular fireplace because each one is different and unique.

We have the classic fireplace doors and we also offer the Free-Standing Screen, that can be used as an alternative to a regular fireplace door.

A Free-Standing Screen is a custom designed and handcrafted piece that will do the part of a fireplace door but with some slight differences from a regular fire door.

About Free-Standing Fireplace Screens

1. A free-standing screen provides your home with the same safety than a fireplace door

All our free-standing screens are custom made to increase the safety of your home so no sparkles fly around your living space.

2. They add a modern look to your home

Each one of our free-standing screens are custom made and designed to your most exact specifications. Whether you’re looking for a modern or classic look be sure we can provide it!

3. They are clean and simple to use

All screens are really easy to clean and easy to install, there is no science behind them so anyone can just grab the screen and place it in front of the fireplace opening.

4. They are more cost effective than a fireplace door

A free-standing screen costs less than a fireplace door so having one won’t hurt your pocket.

5. A free-standing screen is flexible and easy to remove when not in use

When you’re done using your fireplace anyone can remove it from the fireplace and store it somewhere else. This will give you the chance to properly clean your fireplace easily!

6. Getting one is easy!

With The Fireplace Door Guy getting a free-standing fireplace screen is really easy, just call us and give us the measurement and we will mail it to you!

At The Fireplace Door customer satisfaction is key to our success. Give us a call and get a FREE consultation!


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