4 Interior Decorators with Fireplace Designs That Will Amaze You!

It’s the middle of summer and while you’re trying to stay out of the heat, it won’t be long before you’re trying to stay inside to keep warm next to a cozy fire. In the meantime, you may be looking at your fireplace and wondering what you can do to make it more interesting as you ponder remodeling your home or your fireplace.

Perhaps you’ve done some searching on the web and you’re not finding the inspiration you need to create a unique fireplace design that is you.

We’ve been researching some of 2018’s trends in fireplace designs. What we have discovered are some interesting insights that we want to share with you from four expert interior designers. Each one is blogging about their unique perspective on fireplace designs and how they can greatly improve the atmosphere in your home.

If one, or all, strike you as interesting, we hope you’ll click on the link and give them a visit for some inspiration of your own. At the end of our introductions to these amazing designers, we’ll offer you an idea that could help put a fireplace design over the top and dazzle your home.


Emily Henderson

Emily Henderson is a stylist, author and TV host with a strong commitment to a vintage-inspired approachable home style for every single person. In February, she wrote an insightful, in-depth article titled, “I Design, You Decide: Mountain Fixer-Upper – The Fireplace.”

If you’re thinking about a fixer-upper project, there is a lot of inspiration in this article. From rustic to luxurious, and everything in between. Plus, you get the benefit of seeing her struggle with a design. Ultimately, she concludes that a stone fireplace design is what every mountain home needs to be complete. However, you might be amazed to learn of all the different styles she came up with.

Click here and check out Emily’s in-depth article


Kathy Kuo

Kathy Kuo’s blog is a resource for interior designers and design-savvy individuals. A simple search on Google brought us to her article titled, “7 Fireplace Decorating Ideas to Die For.” If you’re looking for a creative fireplace design idea, this article is packed with insights for all kinds of fireplaces.

From rustic to elegant, with mantles and without mantels; she shares creative, out-of-the-box ideas you can use to turn a boring fireplace into one that is uniquely you.

Click here and check out Kathy’s ideas for your fireplace design


Kellie Smith

Kellie Smith is an interior designer with a unique eye for fireplace designs. If you love color, creativity, and fun Kellie’s blog is for you. She shares her own perspective on what inspires her in a fireplace design in an article she wrote titled, “21 Amazing Fireplace Design Ideas.”

In particular, a few that stuck out to us included an exposed brick free-standing fireplace in the kitchen and an extremely old looking, large, fireplace with a story to tell. You may find ones that stick out to you that may want to consider in your next home remodel.

Click here and check out Kellie’s colorful fireplace design ideas


Jane Lockhart

Award winning designs is what Jane Lockhart and her team is all about. In this instance, we’re not linking to a blog article she wrote, but rather her portfolio of fireplace designs. The website is beautiful, and the pictures are incredible.

Sit back, look through the portfolio, and find some ideas you can use to make your fireplace design complete.

Click here and check out Jane Lockhart’s fireplace design portfolio


How to Complete a Fireplace Design and Add a Uniqueness to Your Home


There is just something about a fireplace. The way it looks and its décor speaks to the uniqueness of an individual.

While the look of a fireplace and the decorations around it are important, there is one small, but highly important, detail that can transform the look of a fireplace.

A custom, iron wrought, uniquely designed fireplace door can make all the difference in the world. It can transform even the most beautiful of fireplaces.

Finishing off a fireplace with a custom fireplace door is the final touch. A custom fireplace door completes a room and can contribute to any kind of atmosphere for any type of interior design.

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