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Installation Available in All 50 States

6 Reclaimed Wood Furniture Ideas

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Have you been thinking about how to create a unique look in your home or on the patio? It seems that there is no shortage of old wood laying around just waiting to be a part of a reclaimed wood project. In fact, a search on Craigslist in the Free section yields a lot of throwaway wood waiting to be used.

Today, we want to inspire you with some ideas on how you can improve your home décor in the living room, a hallway, kitchen, around the fireplace or your outdoor experience around the fire pit.


Reclaimed Wood Shutters and Window Frames

Have you ever thought about wood shutters or window frames as décor on a wall? A stroll through a flea market, antique store, or Craigslist can yield you a steal for your reclaimed wood decor.

You can create scenes, decorate existing holes in the wall (i.e. open spaces to see from one room to another), or add to an existing glass frame.

Your designs are only limited by your own creativity or the inspiration you can find on Pinterest.

Here are a few examples to consider:



Reclaimed Wood Mantels

Do you want a unique or rustic look to your fireplace? Consider a reclaimed mantel. It’s a great way to recycle larger wood pieces and give your home that extra uniqueness. There is nothing standard about a reclaimed wood mantel. You can find different depths or thicknesses.

Here are a few examples to consider:



Reclaimed Wood Bars

If you want to get really into a project, try creating an outdoor bar with reclaimed wood. Because you get to create it, the sizes can vary based on your need. Some can be small, others large. You can choose to leave the wood as is for an original style or add stains and finishes that can turn an old piece of wood into a beautiful accent that can be used year-round (depending on where you live).

If you like spending time outdoors in your backyard, a bar is a great addition to your outdoor experience, along with your fire pit of fire glass.

Here are a few examples to consider:



Reclaimed Wood Coffee Table

There is nothing like enjoying time around a coffee table either indoors or outdoors. Entertaining people around a coffee table enhances any experience and provides for a unique experience. Perhaps the fireplace is adding to the atmosphere or the outdoor fire pit. Coffee tables are a must have no matter the occasion.

Here are a couple of reclaimed wood coffee tables:



Reclaimed Wood Tables

If you’re not sitting on a comfortable indoor or outdoor couch around a coffee table, you’re likely standing or sitting at a table with the fire nearby to enjoy.

Here are a few ideas for a reclaimed wood table:



Reclaimed wood is a great way to recycle, preserve, and have a positive environmental impact. At the same time, you get a beautiful piece of furniture that is unique and warming to any atmosphere.

If you’re looking for a project using reclaimed wood, don’t miss out on how you can create an amazing experience with either fireplace doors, outdoor fireplaces, and more.

Do you have a favorite article or design? If so, let us know in the comments below.

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