Gas Logs: The Most Safe & Efficient Way to Heat Your Home

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The days of using wood burning fireplaces are long gone, but if you’re still using one, there are a couple of things you need to know that will make you think twice before lighting it up again. Read More

3 Tips to Keep Your Living Area Heated For Longer Using a Wood-Burning Fireplace

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While traditional fireplaces create a comforting ambiance on all living areas on cold winter days, much of that heat gets lost through... Read More

5 Reasons To Use Gas Logs in Your Fireplace Instead of Wood

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Wood fireplaces are highly enjoyable in winter, but there are many inconveniences that come from burning wood inside your home. Read More

4 Reasons You Need An Iron Fireplace Door at Home

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There is one thing we know for sure, a fireplace door adds beauty and style to any room in your home, but is that the only reason there is to have a fireplace door installed? No, there are definitely more reasons why installing a fireplace door at home is a good idea. Here are 4 reasons you need an iron fireplace door at home: #1: They add beauty and style Iron fireplace doors are not just any fireplace door, iron doors can last a lifetime, and at The Fireplace Door Guy every door can be custom made to meet any style and shape, so no matter what type of decoration you have, the iron doors at The Fireplace Door Guy will make the perfect addition to your home. #2: Save money on your energy bill Fireplace doors can help you save money on your energy bill during the winter months. With proper usage and care, an iron fireplace can save you money when heating your home during winter. Instead of using an electric heater, use your natural or gas fireplace and you’ll see the difference in your energy bill, plus, you will enjoy from a warm and cozy ambiance. #3: […] Read More

What Should I Do If I Urgently Need a Fireplace Door?

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The year is barely starting and for some of us, the calendar grows in activities of all kinds. From taking off Christmas and New Year’s decorations to buying new school supplies for our kids, the new year’s schedule keeps on tightening throughout the year which makes any kind of improvement at home nearly impossible. We understand that sometimes homeowners just don’t have enough time to wait for a couple of weeks until their new fireplace door is ready to be installed, and that finding the time to schedule an in-home consultation and receiving experts to complete the installation can be hard, but luckily for everyone who suffers from a tight agenda, there is an option to have a fireplace door that covers your needs almost as soon as you make the call. An amazing alternative to installing a fireplace door is having a free-standing fireplace screen. A fireplace screen will give your home that safety and elegance you were looking for a long time. It is an excellent option if you want to have the choice of a fireplace door that can be as temporary or as permanent as you wish with the benefit of durability and style. Many customers […] Read More

4 Safety Tips To Prepare Your Fireplace For Winter

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Winter season it’s on its way and the more we think about it, the more we like the idea of sparking up the logs of our fireplace, but before you do that you need to remember one thing, one of the most common accidents in households during winter involve fireplaces, that’s why we want to provide you with a list of four safety tips to prepare your fireplace for winter, so you can sit back and relax when the cold season begins, so here they are: 1. Sweep your fireplace Most homeowners don’t think how much a yearly sweep can help prevent fires, but this is actually a must with all fireplaces. With a good sweep you’ll get rid of all the debris that can cause a fire to get out of control, so make sure you hire the right experts to do this. 2. Only burn hardened wood Chemically there is no difference between one type of wood and another, but what you really want to look up for is density and moisture. Moisture and density affect the behavior of the fire. Make sure you burn dense hardwoods to have more control of the fire. Oak and maple are […] Read More

4 Tips to Give Maintenance to Your Wood Burning Fireplace and Avoid Risks

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Fall and winter are the perfect seasons to enjoy from a nice evening around your fireplace. The cold weather months make your fireplace one of the most essential items on your home to keep it warm and to make your family happy. But a wood burning fireplace can require a lot of maintenance and present some risks for your family’s safety as well. Smoke and flying sparkles around the house can be some of the exposures associated with wood burning fireplaces. These can be serious hazards to your health and can provoke expensive damages around the house or can lead to uncontrollable fires. At The Fireplace Door Guy we want you to be safe at all times, that’s why we’ve made a list of 5 tips to give maintenance to your fireplace to avoid the risks of wood burning: Choose the right wood to burn Burning the right wood, can make a lot of difference on your health and safety. Choose burning wood that cause less creosote buildup, which can be a risk to your health. Try for example maple, ash, birch and oak or any other kind of hardwood and stay away from softwoods. Install a fireplace door Installing […] Read More

4 Simple Steps To Choose The Best Fireplace Door Material

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As a homeowner you know you deserve to get nothing but the best for your home. The best furniture, the best floors, the best paint, the finest decor, and also, the best fireplace doors. There are many types of fireplace doors materials in the market, the most common materials you can find are brass, bronze, glass, steel and iron, and although your choice of material for a fireplace door depends basically on your personal taste and budget there are a few things we want you to consider when making a choice, you have to remember that a fireplace door or a firescreen is a safety investment and decorative element you will add to your home that you want to keep for a little bit more than just a couple of years. Here are some aspects to have into consideration that will help you make your choice: Step 1: Compare Prices Oftentimes, people go for cheaper options when buying a door for their fireplace, and although they do save some bucks at the moment, in the long run they end up spending more than they expected. If you’re going to choose a fireplace door for your home, don’t choose based on […] Read More

5 Ideas For Hosting a Relaxed Autumn Gathering Around Your Outdoor Fireplace

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Yes, at The Fireplace Door Guy we are equally surprised as you are; we’re a bit half past the year already, Summer is ending and Autumn is working its way into our lives, and with that comes the time to enjoy your fireplace again! Autumn days are perfect for outdoor gatherings in your home, the weather is neither too cold or too hot and the Sun starts to set earlier in the horizon, which means we have more time to enjoy by the light of our outdoor fireplace! A good idea to enjoy and celebrate the onset of Autumn is to host a relaxed gathering around your outdoor fireplace, but we know you want to make it perfect, so here are 5 ideas to accomplish your perfect Autumn party!   1. Time Matters! As we mentioned before, in Autumn days the Sun sets earlier in the day, and this changes our perception of time, and, excuse us for the comparison, but we basically work like roosters, we get up and start to sing as soon as the Sun rises, and as soon as it sets in the horizon we start to get sleepy. If you don’t want your guests to […] Read More

3 Hidden Truths That No One Tells You About Fireplaces

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Most fireplace owners realize certain things about their fireplaces that no one ever told them they should be dealing with just a little too late. Most constructors will make the job and build a fireplace without properly assisting the homeowner and providing them with accurate information on fireplaces before carrying out the project. One of the main goals at the Fireplace Door Guy is to provide the best customer service and answer all the questions our customers may have about fireplaces, fire doors and our wide variety of fireplace products and services. Honesty, quality and craftsmanship are what stand us apart from everyone else in the market, so here are 3 truths that no one tells you about fireplaces. See for yourself and decide for the option that best fits your needs:   1. You Spend More Money When Your Fireplace is Not In Use As strange as it may sound for most people, not using your fireplace makes you spend more money than when you actually use it. The reason for this is that fireplaces need a lot of maintenance while not in use, for example, you need to make sure your fireplace damper has no blockages as sometimes […] Read More

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